CCI is dedicated to insightful and timely analysis of markets, sectors, companies and security valuation, harnessing extensive market experience supported by technology. We seek superior returns through investment strategies that leverage our expertise while adhering to our values and principles of Integrity, sustainability, and ethical investing.


We work to maintain a clear-eyed view of the entire market by utilizing an agnostic approach that does not favor one investment strategy to the exclusion of others. Utilizing a sophisticated team of financial analysts, data scientists and computer engineers we have found significant upside in disruptive sectors due to their growth potential. We follow our financial modeling with thorough security analysis and due diligence to determine the stability of new sectors and the companies themselves.


CCI views research as a core competency, with the firm’s continuous investments in both talent and technology as foundational elements. Making thoughtful and informed capital allocation decisions, we have created a proprietary investment platform that utilizes our research to model and generate investment signals. This allows us to implement our strategies in an informed and timely manner.


CCI knows that the future of investing involves the combination of cutting edge tools with the sophisticated understanding that comes from human experience. We are developing machine learning algorithms that seek to predict market fluctuations. We have a track record of maintaining alpha through our modeling that has proven consistent over several market cycles.


CCI believes that it is both common sense and good business to invest in clean technologies and is dedicated to the preservation of our planet and its environment. CCI is interested in the funding and investing in the new economy arising from clean technologies and assets that promote an environmentally sustainable future.

Inclusive Investing

CCI fundamentally believes we are all created equal, and that diversity not only strengthens corporate culture but also enhances the investment process. We extend these principles in both our internal operations as well as our external investments, and believe that by supporting emerging markets around the globe we are supporting the cause of diversity and growth while also tracking human rights and abstaining from markets that are antithetical to progress.